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How to be a BLM Active Ally based on your zodiac sign

These are historic times, and a lot of my clients have asked me: How do I help? Where do I fit in? Which ways can I support? What do I do next?

As a psychic astrologer, obviously my first hint was to look into Zodiac to unlock the answers. I channeled these messages for you specifically for the Black Lives Matter movement and our continued fight to end systemic racism, oppression, police brutality, and social economic injustice.


Make sure to read both your SUN SIGN and RISING SIGN:

Aries:  Confront racism head on. Show fearlessness in leadership. Human shield BIPOC in riots. Start your own damn protest.

Taurus: Donate your resources. Continuously sign & share petitions. Buy from Black owned businesses and restaurants.

Gemini: Amplify melanated voices. Share anti-racism facts via social media or text. Send emails to local officials.

Cancer: Bring awareness to racism in your family. Check on & protect your Black friends / family. Start ancestry & childhood healing.

Leo: Express your compassion. Create & lead a BLM supported activity. Recruit friends to help. Share the stage with BIPOC.

Virgo: Start a BLM fundraiser. Join a book club with your friends. Use your skills daily to fight oppression.

Libra: Learn endlessly about social injustice. Promote harmony and balance daily by spreading the love. Advocate for law / policy changes.

Scorpio: Investigate Black history in America. Talk about the dark side / trauma of systemic racism. Transform the patriarchy.

Sagittarius:  Use influence to lobby your opinion. Spread optimism for change.

Take a class / course from BIPOC teachers.

Capricorn:  Make inclusion changes in your career. Start BIPOC scholarships. Read, educate and learn opposing white supremacy.

Aquarius: Actively march. Host a peaceful protest. Rebel from your typical societal norms. Do whatever you want, when you want.

Pisces: Volunteer your time or resources.  Support BIPOC artists, films & music. Make protest signs, murals or cards.

Always here for you.


Steffi aka Spirit Sis

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