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Believe in Karma

Updated: May 27, 2020

I’ve always imagined #karma as one big boomerang. What you do, how you treat others, and everything in between will always ricochet back toward you. Supposedly back 3x worse! Karma has no deadline -but what does this mean in terms of spirituality?

I believe the universe sees and knows all good and bad deeds- making checks and balances where actions need to be evened. Hell, I’ve been lucky enough to see karma work firsthand onto people who were just plain malicious to me. However, karma is more than just wishing nasty things would happen to other people who wronged you. Karma is a soul contract - and it runs very deep.

To believe in karma is the true belief and inner knowing that no matter what happens, you don’t have to lift a finger. Ya hear me? Don’t do a thing! Don’t seek any sort of revenge. Don’t write that nasty email. Don’t be mean, cruel or unhinged toward others just because they’ve wronged you. Waiting for karma to unfold on people is energetically very detrimental to you and your mental health. Karma sees all, knows all and hears all and eventually….that debt will be paid. Trust me.

During past life regression ceremonies I’ve seen so many of my clients unlock their life lessons and soul karma. This phenomenon is linked to previous lives and their roles played with other souls. Everyone you meet or have a connection with is NOT a coincidence. Nothing in life is. We come back to earth to relieve this burden and to pay our debts OR have debts paid to us. We are all here to level it out - but it’s up to you. You have a choice. Do you want to accept the liability and move on or continue to attract the same pattern? 

I talk more in depth about this on Day Luna podcast - take a listen here!

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