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“To say Steffi is a brilliant shining light in this world would be a massive understatement. She is without a doubt one of the most gifted humans I've had the pleasure of interacting with. Her intuition is beyond magical, purely being around her presence gives you a sense of wholeness. My experiences with Steffi are unrivaled in spirituality, kindness, and genuine connectedness. She is not only a strong and gifted woman, but she is an absolutely beautiful person inside and out with a gift that will only help you find inner peace and happiness.” - Natalie, Santa Monica, CA

“I met Steffi by faith chance one day while out. I had been pondering a job opportunity and praying for a clear answer on whether it was right for me. Fast forward to 15 hours later, I found myself sitting on a bench with a complete stranger (Steffi). Within minutes she turned to me and said, “This may sound weird, but I’m a medium, and I believe someone is trying to give you a message.” Low and behold, my life changed that day,  as Steffi was able to channel my deceased grandmother, aunt, and friends’ mother. She shared multiple readings with me, one of which was a definitive DO NOT take the job you’re up for! Since that day I’ve gone to Steffi for a number of readings and referred a handful of friends who like me, are repeat customers. Steffi has a gift that I could go on and on about, but to keep it short and sweet, if you have any questions or concerns about your past/present/future, I 100% recommend giving Steffi the opportunity to help you.”  – Erica Nicole, Los Angeles, CA

"As a spiritual person, I've experienced many different psychics, readers and healers. Steffi is a diamond in the rough. She is not only extremely in tune, but she has empathy that is unmatched. She's given me heartfelt and accurate information on my own life, from my loved ones who've passed, and complete strangers. People are always blown away by her accuracy. She's also extremely knowledgeable in areas from tarot, astrology charts and human design and of course helped me in these areas as well. Her love and passion for helping others is truly rare." - Taylor, Danbury, CT

“As a skeptic, I never desired a reading. I never thought spirit would  communicate with me knowing my personality. I’ve known Steffi for years as my coworker and  people told me she was "gifted.” One random day we were talking about how she hadn't given me a reading yet and just like that she WENT IN!  My mouth was probably open the whole time; because she was telling me about my deceased grandmother and it was 100% accurate. There is NO WAY she could have known the information she told me, as it was personal memories only my family knew. I relayed the message to my family and they couldn't believe it either. The whole process was actually very warm and comforting. Steffi is absolutely amazing.”  - Robert, Philadelphia, PA

“Steffi is one of the most spiritually gifted humans I know. Her intuition is always spot on and every single psychic prediction she made for me has come true. I consulted her for a reading right before a making a major shift in my life,  not only did she predict the shift but gave me the tools to manage it.” - Lauren, Detroit, MI

“Steffi is 100% spot on.  In our reading she told me I needed to get dental work done ASAP and she was right; I had a cracked molar. She also told me that I needed to to end things with a man that was lingering in my life but I was terrified to move on. I  listened to her and since then so many doors and opportunities have opened for me. Please go to her for any spiritual advice you are seeking.” - Esther, LA, CA

“I heard about Steffi’s gift and was skeptical until she started to channel for me. Out of nowhere she asked why I stopped eating red meat. I was blown away, because I HAD given it up for a month and hadn’t told anyone! She told me I had a iron deficiency and needed my blood  checked. I fainted the week before and had no idea as to why- so this was incredibly enlightening. She also told me to check in on my estranged older sister and when I did, found out she was going through hardship and just lost her home. Lastly, Steffi told me there was going to be a huge job opportunity in the end of February, and of course on March 1st I had an audition for a series regular on Bold and the Beautiful. I don’t need any more convincing…. Steffi is the REAL DEAL.” - Maleek, Los Angeles, CA

I" came across Steffi aka spirit_sis not too long ago and was immediately drawn to her energy and her charm. I immediately followed her podcast and started binge listening to them. They are sooooo juicy and you can learn so much about astrology. I finally had an aura reading with her and all I can say is get one! You will not be disappointed.

After I heard the reading I cried, it was everything I didn’t know I needed to hear. She made me feel so beautiful and the color she saw around me was beyond exciting to me! Aquamarine girl right here! I promise you will not be disappointed. She’s the best and she’s like an instant friend/sister. Steffi is the sweetest soul and she truly has a talent for reading people. It was the best reading I’ve ever had!!! I couldn’t recommend her enough!!" -Sarah, Toronto, Ontario

"Steffi has such a natural gift for getting people to look deep within themselves and open up realms they've never been explored before. I was blown away when she did a past life regression on me as it’s not something that I originally never believed in. But when she was through, I felt so emotional because it was so real, as though I was just seeing it in my minds eye. If anyone is at all curious to understand aspects about your life today and karmic debts with people you know due to past life experiences, even if you’re skeptical, I’d say give it a try. You could be very surprised like I was and walk away much more enlightened and even comforted." -Hayley, Boston, MA

“Steffi’s connection to source has lifted and supported me in moments of ascension, change and rebirth. Her messages and readings have spoken to my true soul and guided me through times of personal struggle. Her vibration is guided by pure intentions, exchanging love and protection. I highly recommend her!” - Matt, Chicago, IL

“Since learning about my Human Design through Steffi I have felt validated about my intuitions and the unbalance I’ve felt in my life. Since my reading with Steffi I have used my energy more efficiently, gained understanding of the relationships in my life and felt incredibly balanced about following my path the universe had always laid out for me."-Heidi, Grand Rapids, MI

“Learning about my Human Design has helped me adjust how I structure my daily routine so that I am operating with empowered energy. Steffi’s intuitive insight helped me grow deeper into trusting my intuition and living my design so that I am more magnetic in all areas of my life - a desired state of flow. I can’t wait to learn more and unpack additional insights with Steffi!” - Ashley, LA, CA

"First of all- I love Steffi's passion for Human Design.  Steffi explaining the meaning in depth of each area with her enthusiasm was extremely helpful.  Steffi was spot on with me and my Human Design. I look forward to living my life to my greatest potential !" Molly L.   Grand Rapids, MI

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