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Starry Sky

Awaken Your Intuition

A 7 day online course that reconnects

you back to your highest self.

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  • 7 days of In-depth Intuition Lessons


  • Find out what kind of Psychic you are


  • Breaking through obstacles to clear away what doesn't serve you


  • A powerful third eye activation  that will “wake up” your channeling 


  • Journal prompts, insightful videos and daily Spiritual Homework


  • Learning the style of your intuition and tips to harness it


  • Fun games (YES GAMES!) on how to make your intuition stronger


  • How to strengthen your confidence, have fun and trust in yourself!

Intuition is your direct connection to spirit

and is the source of pure magic in your life!

This course is for anyone who....

Is ready to UPLEVEL, ENLIGHTEN & COMMIT to their spiritual awakening

Wants to get aligned with their own PSYCHIC POWER

Wants to understand Intuition in a way that's gentle, fun and authentic.


Desires a more intimate relationship with their purpose


Is kind, respectful  & committed to their Spiritual growth

How intuitive are you?

Take my free quiz to find out!

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About me:

For the first part of my life I truly questioned my gifts and my psychic abilities. I wondered if what I was feeling was truly real or just in my imagination. Oftentimes I would ignore my channeling or intuitive hits when they were LOUDLY declaring their presence. This made me very ill, mentally blocked and stagnant in a lot of areas in my life.

Every time I ignored my intuition, it led me to negative events, people and situations. I was in and out of the hospital until I was 18 when I realized I couldn't live like that. I  had no other option than to accept my spiritual purpose.

I've been successfully giving readings to others from their deceased loved ones for over 14 years. Once I OWNED who I truly was and let go of my shame, my channeling gifts and intuition strengthened--- and my real life (and spiritual awakening) began.


My intention in creating this course is to help you ignite your own intuition and start mastering the supernatural gifts that you were born with.

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Student Testimonials

"Steffi's course is incredible. I encourage anyone who would like to learn about harnessing their intuition to explore this program. It's fun, thought-provoking, and filled with magical tools and AHA moments. It's like Steffi is right there with you on the journey, and there's nobody I'd rather have as my teacher and guide. Oh, and did I mention she teaches you with humor and love?  Let this course be a gift to yourself, you will not regret it."


"Awaken Your Intuition has been such a powerful tool for connection to my own intuitive and supernatural gifts. I am so grateful for Steffi's ability to take such an intimidating spiritual topic and not only make it understandable and relatable, but break down into baby steps to work through over the 7 day course.


What I love most is that everything I've learned in this course I can continue to use to strengthen my own intuition to trust myself on a deeper level. Also, Steffi is there to support and cheer you on during every AHA and holy crap moment! Prepare for goosebumps..."


"I just want to say RUN don't walk to sign up for this course! It has been popping up on my instagram for what feels like forever! Finally, I found out one of my friends signed up and recommended it. That was my sign from the universe! I blew through the course work as fast as I could and realized that SO many things that happen to me daily are communication from spirit. Most recently, I was journaling and wrote down "Ashley bear?" I reached out to my friend Ashley and turns out her dad, who has passed, used to call her dog that. I instantly knew that was a download from spirit.


I have been practicing Steffi's exercises everyday, and since doing so, can see all of the ways spirit communicates with me! I am so thankful for this course."


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the format?

This is a 7 day online class that you take on your own time! When you sign up, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to Awaken Your Intuition course. You will get a new email every day with your lesson. You will login to the site to view that days Intuition Lesson and Spiritual Homework.


Q. Do I need any supplies?

A journal / notebook and high-speed internet connection!


Q. What is your refund policy?

As per most online courses, there are no refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed. However, I doubt you will want one anyway! This course is highly functional and gives many valuable tools on how to connect to your own intuition :)

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