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How to stand in your worth

Updated: May 27, 2020

Do you feel like you're not good enough? Do you not know your own worth? Do you constantly put up with low paying jobs, toxic relationships or friends walking all over you? Well my loves, you may just have an OPEN HEART CHAKRA !

I have an undefined heart center, and boy, let me tell you that shit is HARD. So much conditioning in my life led me to believe I was never good enough and that I didn't deserve to be happy. I’ve tried so hard to unblock that belief and tbh I still struggle with reprogramming it daily.  Having an open heart isn’t necessarily ALL bad, though. I wear my heart on my sleeve at ALL times! I'm a huge giver and people in my life have often considered this romantic, thoughtful and endearing!

If you have an open Heart Center then you’re here to understand your own WORTHINESS. You lack willpower, no doubt about it, but once you realize that lesson is a part of your karma everything will make sense.  The truth of the matter is you have nothing to prove to anyone…. ever. You are here for YOU!!!! Once you grasp this mentality you’ll be able to liberate yourself from all kinds of suffering and pain.

Kauai, HI

This picture above is beyond special to me. Here I am, just minutes after landing in Kauai. At the time I was persistently choosing LOW SELF WORTH BEHAVIORS and my life had become a shit storm because of it. I was severely depressed, horrifically anxious, unable to channel spirit and surrounded by toxic people. When I decided to take this solo trip to Hawaii - it was exactly what my soul needed! When I got there, my heart was overfilled with joy and gratitude.  I was so proud of myself for taking the leap and finally putting MYSELF first after a LIFETIME of handling everyone else's grade A bullshit. 

During this trip I got so much clarity - more than I ever had in my life. I even had a very profound spiritual awakening in a Hindu Temple. During my channeling the biggest lesson my angels showed me was that I am here, on earth, to understand that I AM WORTH IT!!!   I am worthy of great success. I am worthy of great love. I am worthy of GREAT ABUNDANCE. I am also worthy of having a strong voice, owning my quirks, my wide range of emotions, my freedom AND my goals no matter what anyone thinks! Since this trip, I started abiding by these rules and my whole life has changed.

Yes, having an open heart means there is WAY more to give; but instead of giving it to others, you must first give to yourself! You’re worth it, sis!

If you need help interpreting your human design chart - send me a message!

love you - I meant it


Spirit Sis

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