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Transits and Forecast Reading!

Transits and Forecast Reading!


***PLEASE NOTE**** Due to high demand, please anticipate a two-three week delivery period for your order. Thank you for your trust and patience!


This audio reading goes in depth about your current personal Astrology transits for the upcoming year. This is also super helpful in understanding what area of your life may be impacted for the next year as well as future forecasting.  I also include a three-card tarot pull with my psychic channeling! This is a great option if you are on-the-go and don't have time for an hour session -- and the audio is a great way to refer back to your energies for the ongoing year!


Please include your birthday, time, location of birth, and any other questions you may want to know! This is a nonrefundable digital offering. Readings are between 10-15 minutes.

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