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Spirit Sis

Steffi Hill - Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer &
Astrologer Next Door 

About Me

Hi babes! I’m Steffi, aka the Spirit Sis, and I’m here to guide you toward your spiritual awakening!


My desire is to help you unlock your magnetic potential. If you’re feeling blocked, stuck, or things aren’t “happening” quick enough.... this is a great place to start.

My biggest goal is teaching you how to access your OWN Intuition to empower alignment in your everyday decisions. Through my teachings, I assist you in feeling more connected to yourself, your purpose and your soul's journey.  I want to bring you back to your peace of OWNING exactly who you are. You are a unique, blissful, abundant being of light. Your soul is meant to be here, right now, and it’s begging for you to slay it sister!

You chose this life for a reason.

As an empath and psychic medium, I use my gifts to channel messages in my teachings that are in your highest good! I cannot wait to work with you!



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Intuition Course

7 Day Self Paced

Online Course!

 Join our growing community! I channeled information directly from source to help you awaken your own intuition to feel more aligned in every day decisions.

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for Couples

*Video Call*

This option is perfect if you want to find out where you and your partner are comptaible to live and/or travel to based on your planet lines and energetic global hotspots.


Mediumship Readings

*Please note* if you are looking for a psychic mediumship reading the wait list has exceeded two years and is closed until further notice.

Please sign up here  for updates, promotions, astrology reports and giveaways!


“Steffi is 100% spot on.  In our reading she told me I needed to get dental work done ASAP and she was right; I had a cracked molar. She also told me that I needed to to end things with a man that was lingering in my life but I was terrified to move on. I  listened to her and since then so many doors and opportunities have opened for me. Please go to her for any spiritual advice you are seeking.”

Esther, Los Angeles, CA
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